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In the weeks and months ahead you'll be able buy our debut CD (tentatively titled: "Alien BBQ", download MP3ís and check out all the latest Edison Lane news, photos and videos. Be sure to sign up to our Fan Club before you leave.

Seattle, WA (PRWeb) Jan 15, 2011 - In a recent reverse double-blind clinical trial, Edison Lane music was certified 100% organic and completely carbon neutral. Furthermore, the melodies were found to assist in the early brain development of puppies, seals and pandas. And although we do enjoy a good dolphin burger... the entire band has decided to stop eating baby dolphins.

Seattle, WA (PRWeb) April 15, 2011 - We fell off the wagon and have resumed eating Baby Dolphins.

Come back often, as we will be updating the site frequently.

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We have nearly completed our CD so stay tuned for release dates and upcoming shows.

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